With over 20 years of experience in making karaoke entertainment systems, EnterMedia is one of the most advanced karaoke system manufacturers in the world. With its intuitive user interface and simple design, users can easily customize melody, tone, echo, tempo and other functions to produce the best singing performance.

Connect and compete with singers from all over the world with the MagicSing Karaoke app. Watch your score rise as you sing with our live-scoring system. Customize your karaoke experience by adjusting the music volume, melody, echo, tempo, and key. Control and adjust musical instruments and enjoy the MagicSing real-time musical notes feature. The music notes will display on the app for you to follow, play, and practice all of your favorite songs.

EnterMedia officially released the first MagicSing branded online streaming karaoke app. Easily integrate the MagicSing Karaoke app to your home karaoke devices. The in-app QR code scanner easily synchronizes the MagicSing app with any MagicSing E-Series home karaoke device (compatible with MagicSing model E-2) which allows users to pick, choose, and play songs directly from their smartphone devices.

The streaming server offers a huge library with karaoke songs in these languages:

English, Dutch, French, German, Schweizer, Spanish, Suomalainen, Norsk, Turkish and Philippines.

Setup guide for your E2 Dual MagicSing Karaoke System

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